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 candle flame

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PostSubject: candle flame   candle flame Icon_minitimeTue Oct 09, 2012 2:59 pm

How can I create a candle flame using spark engine. I played with fire demo but not succeeded making one that similar to candle fire.

I am writing this after wasting days on my attempt. Hope someone can help me on this.

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PostSubject: Re: candle flame   candle flame Icon_minitimeThu Oct 11, 2012 2:50 am

In the fire demo there are several emitters, in order to simulate a big fireplace. For a candle flame, you only need one of these emitters.
But you have to change a bit the settings to reduce the random part: for example, you can try to bring force_min and force_max closer. This is because a candle flame is way more regular than a fireplace one.

But for better advices, please put the code you've already written, and a screenshot is possible.

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PostSubject: Re: candle flame   candle flame Icon_minitimeMon Oct 22, 2012 10:24 am

What you can do is using circular additive particles scaling down in time from yellow/white to red. Emit them in a spherical emitter and add a PointMass modifier to attract them and give the typical candle light shape. You should also be able to translate the point mass to simulate wind.
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PostSubject: Re: candle flame   candle flame Icon_minitime

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candle flame
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