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 Spark goes iZigoo

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PostSubject: Spark goes iZigoo   Spark goes iZigoo Icon_minitimeSat Feb 06, 2010 7:40 am


your particle engine is really amazing. We build an internet browser based on
Irrlicht and we will include your particle engine in our project.
Our project is called iZigoo and is also released under the zlib license.

If we can help you to optimise your engine or test stuff just tell us.

Thanks for this great project.

The iZigoo team
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PostSubject: Re: Spark goes iZigoo   Spark goes iZigoo Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2010 8:05 am

Hi, thats good to hear.

I suggest you use the svn version rather than the 1.04 version.
Moreover I m curently working on the version 2 of SPARK, I ll let you lnow when its out.

Keep us inform of the development of your app and dont hesitate to tell us if you find some bugs in the lib or have improvements to suggest.

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Spark goes iZigoo
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