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 particle vs particle collision demo

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particle vs particle collision demo Empty
PostSubject: particle vs particle collision demo   particle vs particle collision demo Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 9:30 pm

These last 2 days, I ve been working on integration particle vs particle collisions on SPARL

The result is quite good so far but not perfect yet. But I dont really think I can make it a lot more realistic without killing performance.

Particle vs particle collisions will be integrated in the release to come. It will simply be a modifier to plug to the group to activate the collisions.

Here is a small demo illustrating what Ive got so far. It runs well but I can still optimize the process I think :

demo collision particules contre particules

The controls are the same as the flakes demo.

particle vs particle collision demo SPK_Collision2
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particle vs particle collision demo
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