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 Spark and Projectile Concept

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Spark and Projectile  Concept Empty
PostSubject: Spark and Projectile Concept   Spark and Projectile  Concept Icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2015 9:19 am

My apologizes for the title wasn't to sure how to name this but it's pretty straight forward. I have a projectile created in Irrlicht it's a rocket.
My idea is this so feel free to leave suggestions.

I'm doing the simple
in Irrlicht. No need for advanced physics on this projectile.

I do a ray cast on the rocket to the level mesh, and my idea is this.

1.) When rocket has collision response have an attached spark particles and such on the rocket node already.
2.) Have the spark particles set to visible false.
3.) If the rocket node has a collision response set the spark node to visible true, to simulate and explosion.

Does this seem like a good idea, to me it seems easy but maybe not so efficient.
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Spark and Projectile Concept
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